Learn at your own pace

Choose between earning a qualification or taking courses individually to improve your skills in a specific area. Athletes who complete Levels 1 to 3 qualify for admission into the USA Taekwondo Athlete Academy! Complete all 5 levels and be fully certified in Modern Sport Taekwondo by USATKD.


  • What's the difference between a Degree Course, a Standalone Course and a Course Bundle?

    The content in each section is exactly the same, the differences are in 1) how you pay, 2) how you learn and 3) what you end up with after completing the course. See FAQs below for an explanation of each.

  • What does a Degree course entail?

    USA Taekwondo University offers five degree courses, of increasing difficulty. Athletes who complete each level will receive a framed diploma and exclusive apparel item for each level, along with having the qualification added to their USATKD member profile. Athletes who complete all five degrees will earn entry into the USATKD Athlete Academy. A Degree course is a complete, structured course, designed by Coaches Green and Brown, to develop athletes in the modern game.

  • What is a standalone course?

    Standalone courses are elements of our degree courses, made available as standalone learning modules. You can pick one or more specific course(s) for a lower overall fee. Upon completion you will receive a downloadable certificate to show you have completed the course. Please note that the best value comes from the degree course bundle, and individual courses do not count towards an overall degree qualification, or Athlete Academy Membership. However, if you start by taking 'pay as you go' courses and decide you would like to take the complete degree course please email [email protected] and we will enroll you in the degree with a pro-rated discount.

  • What is a course bundle?

    Think of a course bundle as a boxed set of content - multiple courses sold together as a package at a discount.