Course curriculum

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    Introduction to the USA Poomsae University LIVE

    • Thank You for Joining - Get Started Here!

    • How to Log In & Training Room Information for Poomsae University LIVE!

    • What You'll Learn Each Month -

    • What's Coming Up Next!

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    Monthly LIVE Training Vault

    • March 2024 - Sports Psychology & Competition Game Day Mindset!

    • Feb 2024 Session with US National Team Head Coach Dan Chuang

    • Feb 2024 Session: "Poomsae Competition Prep, Mobility, & Activation" with Coach Tim Thackrey

    • January 2024 Session with 4x World Gold Medalist AJ Munoz- Watch Here!

    • LIVE Training with USA Head Coach Dan Chuang

    • Live Q&A With Coach Barbara Brand!

    • Masters/Ultra Essentials of Strength & Conditioning for TKD

    • Cadet/Jr's /Freestyle Essentials of Strength & Conditioning for TKD

    • Masters & Ultra Performance Training: Movement, Mobility, Injury Prevention, Strength Training, & Recovery

  • 3

    Poomsae Training and Conditioning

    • Basics: Strength and Conditioning for Poomsae 101

    • The Basics: Poomsae Forms and Terminology

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